Top 5 Hottest Outfits for 2018

Jan 24, 2018 Aran Davies 0

Hi there! Happy New Year Everyone! There’s no better time than the start of the year to think about upgrading your wardrobe. It is always a good time to clear out your old clothes to make room to embrace the new collections that 2018 will offer.

Here are some of the great new trends that are coming up this year, especially this coming Spring/Summer 2018. Here are the top 5 hottest outfit that set to make your 2018 a fashionable one.


Gym outfit

After the Christmas holidays, it is time to hit the gym and burn off those calories again. But, aren’t you bored with those old sweatpants and hoodies? Well, this year brings back that old PE attire. How about trying out some icing-blue satin boxing shorts from Puma and paired them up some Nike sneakers. How switching from yoga pants and leggings into some lycra cycling shorts? Nice right? Then just add a track top from Forever 21 whenever you feel a chill. Great right?


Bold Earrings

This year brings you supersized earrings! These bigger and the weirder earrings will surely give you a gorgeous look for all those Instagram selfies. Try hitting a party with Tria Jewellery’s stunning triangular designs, or some bubble stiletto designs from Links of London. Go large with Swarovski’s London hallow or London hoop earrings. Since more people are definitely going to notice them, choose the brightest and shiniest design to add some glamour to them too. Confidence is the key! Just wear them with your best party outfit and you will look superb. Bold earrings will surely add a stunning finishing touch to your outfit.


Mix everything

This spring is the time to mix it up! For inspiration, try Laura Ashley’s gorgeous blue stripe of banker shirt and, plaid skirt and sunset-print-thigh-high boots. Really rock you look with a black and white striped dress from Joules and try mixing it with a leopard-printed coat and a pair of sunglasses.

For further inspiration for your best ever fashion year, check out Jennifer Lopez’s outfit at the Guess’s Spring 2018 Campaign. Surely you could pull off a retro sexy look like she does in a rolled-up white polo shirt, black wide belt and short plaid skirt with a white high-heel shoe on.

For a comfier and easier outfit, you can wear a varsity or baseball jacket with a sequinned slip dress and finish it up with a pair of black Coach Windsor Leather ankle boots. Also, you can wear an army printed jacket over an Anna Scholz’s lace dresses.


Keep calm with colours

2018 will be a year when you can forget what you learn about corresponding colours and just get trendy! This year, you can wear one shade from head-to-toe. Get a gorgeous hair up-do and wear that red dress from Aftershock London with a similar shade handbag and matching pair of shoes. Get that pink suit on from Debenhams match it with Topman’s smart trousers and don’t forget to put on your pink sunglasses and tie. You can take note of those chic and shabby colours like lavender, pink, light blue, and etc. Experts say that hues produce an effect of calming out minds. They also help make us more positive.


Shine Bright

Everything shiny is better this year according to many fashion designers and companies. Satin and silk are in! You can start with a simple Navy Cleopatra long sleeve silk top and match it with black silk journey trousers.

If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret, you can definitely wear the gold satin knot front asymmetric dress from Miss Guided UK. You can also try on a Jetset dress with a straight neckline, V-neck sleeve style, spaghetti strap sleeve, and a sleeveless satin dress length.

Or feel super girly with Sammy Dress’s silk dress. This dress is very comfortable so you can definitely wear it with heels or tennis shoes and it will still look amazing. It is best to wear it with nude heels and a golden clutch.

Well, that’s it! What are you waiting for? Get shopping now for all those great new outfits that you will need for the new year. Make your new year even more exciting and fun! As for me, I got it covered already! Enjoy!

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