Which is Best: Canon or Nikon?

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When looking to buy a photo camera, especially if just getting into photography, the question of which one to buy is always the hardest one: a simpler one? Professional? Or just a semi-professional will do? How about accessories? Lenses? Price? Durability? Image quality? Effects? Among many others. It is already well known, though, that the best brands for cameras are Canon and Nikon. However, which is best Canon or Nikon? And why?

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Canon EOS 80D


Canon’s entry-level cameras offer more variety: the cheaper one offers 18 MP pictures, the intermediate ones offer 24.1 MP, and the more expensive one can shoot videos in 4K. The price ranges from 340 to 550 dollars.

Nikon’s, on the other hand, have 24.2 MP and feature a much longer battery life, ranging from 1200 to 1550 shots. The price is smaller too: from 290 to 330 dollars.

Surprisingly, this goes against the fame of both brands: Canon usually creates cameras with bigger resolution than Nikon’s, but poorer noise handling. For entry-level cameras, Nikon takes the prize.


Canon’s range of cameras is still more varied, starting at 18 MP and going up to 24.2 MP. Some of the features you may find in them include larger display (sometimes touchscreen) and built-in Wi-Fi. Noise reduction is also improved. The price ranges from 395 to 555 dollars.

Both of Nikon’s intermediate cameras feature 24.2 MP sensors, much the same as the entry-level ones, however the price range is considerably higher, at 370 to 430.

This is a harder comparison, as Nikon’s cameras are still a bit cheaper than their Nikon counterparts, offering more resolution even with the cheapest one. However, Canon’s cameras are much better than their entry-level counterparts at about the same price.

Enthusiast cameras

Canon’s EOS 80D comes with many technologies to help guarantee quality of shots, including noise reduction, and comes with 24.2 MP resolution, but for 780 dollars.

Nikon’s D7200 and D7500 are much cheaper: 530 and 600 dollars, respectively. However, they don’t come with all those technological improvements, and, although the D7500 was made to replace the D7200, it offers lower resolution: 20.9 MP, instead of 24.2 MP.

Nikon D7200

Even though the price is rather high, in this case the better option is Canon’s camera, especially if you are an enthusiast for camera technology.

Professional cameras

Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV comes with a 30.4 MP resolution sensor, which used to be one of the biggest ones in the market. However, Nikon’s most recent camera model, the D850, offer 45.4 MP, and is currently the best camera out there in this regard. The prices are considerably high (more than 2000 dollars), but if you are looking to buy a professional camera, it is not the price you should be worried about.

Canon EOS 5D Mark iV

Summarizing it all, Nikon starts winning at the entry-level, the Canon becomes a better option by the enthusiast level, then Nikon takes the prize once again at the professional level. However, the difference in quality isn’t that big (with the exception of professional cameras), while the difference in price is. So, if you are short on money, Nikon is a great option. But in the end, your choice is going to depend on what you need and what you have.

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