Why is Fragrance Direct so cheap?

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Fragrance Direct is a retailer of beauty products (selling not only perfumes, but also skincare, bath, and hair products, make up, candles, among others) based in the United Kingdom. They started in 1993 and specialize in selling branded, quality products, such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Paco Rabanne. They started selling only fragrances (as the name suggests) and continually expanded over time, reaching the range of beauty products they have today, while also looking to expand it even more.

Not only are they specialized in selling beauty products, but they also make great investments into customer relations: they have a dedicated customer service team, working every day of the week, fast delivery of products, free delivery when the total price at checkout is bigger than 20 pounds (when using a Fragrance Direct discount code that they provide at VoucherButler), beauty advice through their newsletter, and even customer support at their physical retail stores in the UK. If you check out their Frequently Asked Questions section, there are also instructions on how to deal with damaged products and asking for refunds.

So why is Fragrance Direct so cheap? The first thing you will notice upon entering their website, aside from the wide range of products and brands that was mentioned above, is their prices: they are much lower than the average retail price you are used to. This is something rather shocking upon first seeing it and makes many people wonder whether Fragrance Direct’s products are legitimate.

If you head to their FAQ, however, they give you the explanation: they are mostly an online retailer, having just a few physical stores. There is no middleman: they sell directly to you, as the name suggests. This means that their overhead is much lower than the competition’s, giving them the most competitive prices in the market.

So, if you are looking for a place to buy beauty products in the UK and in the EU in general, Fragrance Direct is your best bet: it combines great customer support, wide range of products and brands, genuine products, and the lowest prices you can find. Do not be afraid to try: they are definitely the best choice of store for beauty products, there is no way of denying that!

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