5 Top Surprising Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Feb 16, 2018 Aran Davies 0

Valentine’s Day is one of the special occasions that we usually celebrate for the essence of love. Couples who are still in love with each other are extremely excited about this day.

Almost all shops on the streets and even online shops will be decorated with hearts, flowers and anything that will let their customers feel the romantic ambience. The best thing about celebrating this day is what individuals do for their loved ones. Most people want to do something special or plan something unique to surprise and express their love to their partners. Something that can stand as a relic of their affection or love.

There are a lot of ideas to entice her but you should go for something that is according to her tastes or interests. Here I have mentioned the 5 top surprising Valentine’s gifts that will surely sweep off her feet.


  1. Romantic getaway

This love-sharing season is the best time for you to discover new serenity together. Whether it is a luxurious getaway or some peaceful escape from the city buzz, for sure she will love it. You can either book a weekend stay at a five-star hotel or simply enjoy having romantic dinner under the quiet and romantic city lights with her. Aside from hotel accommodations, you can also spend time at the spa or in a famous restaurant near you. It is best if you will not tell her yet where you are headed to. Just pack your bags and go somewhere your sweetheart always wanted to go to. It will be a perfect occasion to savour each moment with her. To help you find an amazing accommodation for you this Valentine’s, you can visit Virgin Experience Days online and search an experience that you think will be of her best interest.


  1. Prepare a gift with a thrill

Most women love an interesting and exciting presentation that will surely surprise them but it must be romantic as well that will definitely melt their hearts out. You may have seen this in social media wherein the girl was just walking her way home from work, but then a stranger approached her and gave her flower and a note, telling her where to go next and so on until she reached the place where her fiancée is waiting. Yes, it is like a flash mob but you don’t need to spend too much if you can’t afford it. You can make it simple like in your place, when she arrives home and open the door, you can leave some flower petals on the floor with chocolate and a note for her to move to the next instruction until she will reach to your bedroom with your bed decorated romantically and you wearing a formal attire with some champagne on-hand and ask her to have dinner with you in your kitchen or at your yard. Of course, for this dinner, you must cook her favourite food and you must have something like a small present to give her. You can order flowers from Prestige flowers, Bloom, or Interflora. For gifts, you can visit Buyagift.com, A1gifts, Hampergifts and more online.


  1. Give her a promise/engagement ring

This is not to freak out your ladies who are not yet ready for engagement or even yourself. This is one of the most romantic things to do. For sure she will love you more than ever after this. Giving her a promise ring would mean the world to her. You will also see how she will react to it before proceeding with the engagement stage. You can tell her that this ring is to keep your promises and keep it with her every single day. You can give it in a surprising way that you can think of too. However, for those who are totally ready to be engaged and soon get married, this will be one of the perfect timing to propose to her. For her, it will be just a usual Valentine’s date with you, but you can change that. You can make the most memorable and romantic Valentine’s day ever. You can either fetch her from work and just kneel down the street and ask her to marry you or you can let the waiter served it while you are having your romantic dinner during this day. It’s all up to you. Now, for her ideal rings, here are some of the shops you can go to. Among the famous jewellery shops in the UK are Swarovski, Argento, Links London, Chriselli, Lord timepieces and many more.


  1. DIY Valentine’s home décor

This should be planned ahead of time. Shop all the materials you will be needing and keep it somewhere out of her sight. Do not be obvious! Just act normal as if you don’t have a surprise for her. You can suggest to her that maybe this time you can spend Valentine’s day at home watching movies on the couch. Use all your power to convince her. It might be difficult to some but it would be all worth it. Before she gets home, you can decorate your walls with those three beautiful words you always tell her. It could be “I love you”, “You are mine”, “I’m all yours”, or anything. The shorter the better. Then arrange some lightings in the space where your gift is placed. You can put your gift on the centre table then dim the lights and add some beautiful music playing in the background. So, when she arrives, give her a warm hug and take her to the room you have decorated and there you go enjoy the rest of it. For the lightings, you can visit Simple Lighting or the Led hut. Visit Oak Furniture Land, Zoro, Graham and Green or Furnish for the rest of the home decors you want to add.


  1. Create a short video clip of your memories together

It may seem a bit old school but I can assure you it will be one of the sweetest surprises you can give her this Valentine’s. Gather all your pictures/videos together starting from the “friendship zone” to the “boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancée/married zone”. Create a slideshow of all these memories and put a background music that is her favourite or your themed songs, if you have any. Prepare it in a special place that you both most likely to visit every Valentine’s day. You can ask some help with your friends and family for this. Make sure the music will be louder than the background noise in the area. If it’s inside a room, make sure to turn off the lights first then turn it on when she arrives then uncover her eyes slowly then play the slideshow. After this video, you can give a short but wonderful message for her reminding how you really love her and wait for her response. Lastly, make sure to keep a record while capturing this moment also. And that’s it! I assure it will be one of the most memorable Valentine’s day you both will be enjoying. To help you with the technologies that you may need, you can visit Samsung, Misco Systemax, Camera king, Canon, or Urban Star online. Good luck!

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