Top 2 Tips on How to Enjoy Staying at Home during Christmas Holidays

Dec 30, 2017 Aran Davies 0

Most people enjoy their Christmas holidays by visiting friends and family. Many also enjoy the season by shopping continuously. Others take advantage of the long Christmas holiday by going travelling. On the whole, most just like to stay at home with their families. But how long can one stay longer at home when there’s nothing much to do?

Here are our top 2 suggestions on how to enjoy the Christmas holidays at home:


#1 Movie/Movie Series Marathon

Preparing your home for Christmas generally should not take more than day to finish. One can set up Christmas tree and in few minutes, hang the lights and tinsel, and then it’s done already. Putting Christmas lights around the house front yard can be done in a half day or less and if you don’t like to do it, can be done by hiring professionals instead.

After that, you will have plenty of days to wait before the Christmas day arrives. The problem really comes when your house is crammed with family and friends over Christmas week, all of who all have nothing to do.

So, how can you deal with all these kids and other family members at home all day, and how can you stop them getting bored? Well, there are loads of interesting activities that will grab family members’ attention in a snap of a finger.

Normally, families share a common interest, namely watching movies. But for everyone to go to the cinemas would cost a lot. A family does not have to spend so much money to enjoy the holidays. Simply,  prepare the living room so that all chairs face the TV screen. Set that speaker on a higher volume than normal, dim the lights and get that old DVD player playing.

There’s no need to play old movies as it may not interest the kids. Visit XV Marketplace and choose from loads of movies that will entertain the whole family. If the kids are not around, you can watch your favorite shows like the trending movie of ‘13 reasons why’ or the new ‘Game of Thrones’ series you haven’t seen yet. At XV Marketplace you can get loads of collection of movies at very affordable prices.

One of their hottest offers is the chance to buy 5 DVDs for only 5 pounds. And that is the reason why it is better to stay at home and create a cinema type feel in your living room compared to spending money at cinemas that will entertain you for just an hour or two. What is a good thing about XV Marketplace is that you can buy DVDs and can get it delivered to your doorstep!

Simply visit its website and get ready to enjoy all that fantastic home entertainment with your family. Get that old DVD player rocking now!


#2 Playing Video Games

Not only movies can entertain your whole family, especially the kids, but they will keep them distracted for hours on end.  Video games are another great way to entertain not just the kids but for the entire family.

With the long Christmas holiday, the family deserves a long break from school and work. Playing video games can help one interact with other family members who are not that talkative. It also helps exercise your brain because it required multitasking when controlling the characters. It also increases your confidence which helps you in real life. It is very common for families to use video games to pass the time over the Christmas holidays. Plus it really is a great way for the whole family to bond.

To get the latest gaming consoles and games in all the different formats such as PS4 and PS3, X-box 360, and Xbox One, check out!

With, you can choose to be updated with its weekly hot picks and latest releases. You can choose from a wide option of gaming in their under £10 selection. Zavvi also offers movie and clothing collection at the same time. It is surely worth checking out!

Whatever activities you choose, the important thing is that everyone has a good time. Even after the Christmas holidays, these kinds of activities are great for the whole family. or XV Marketplace will help you create that great Christmas moment in your lives. You can visit loads of high street or online stores to find great activities and games that will keep your family happy this season. Remember to always compare sites as you can find fabulous discounts and greatest deals if you look hard enough.

Try out our Christmas ideas and your family will surely have the Christmas holidays of a lifetime.

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