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About Tru Diamonds

Tru Diamonds are indistinguishable from the real thing to all but the experts and in fact are often better cut, with a better appearance than the real thing. They are manufactured in a special process that involves heating a recipe of minerals to temperatures of more than 5,000  degrees Fahrenheit, which forms them into a cubic crystalline structure that when synthesized, takes the appearance of diamonds. These synthetic diamonds are then cut and polished by master Swiss craftsman, in the same process as real diamonds. They adhere to only the highest standards, in order to produce only the best, high quality diamonds, which can only be rivaled by the most expensive and finest mined diamonds in the world. Tru Diamonds appear as perfectly flawless, ice white stones with a perfect cut. They are sourced from only the top manufacturers of synthetic diamonds in the world today. All their products are therefore only of the highest quality and given the desirability of their product, this has lead to the company’s ongoing success and rapid growth.

Tru Diamonds is also happy to point out that its synthetic diamonds are far more environmentally friendly and ethical than the mine sourced diamonds used by their competitors. They point out that it takes, on average, roughly the excavation of 250 tonnes of rock to yield a one caret diamond, whereas their process only involves heating their diamond recipe in an oven for a short space of time. Also their production removes the need to source blood diamonds that come and often fuel conflict in poor countries, leading to thousands upon thousands of deaths annually. So by buying a piece of jewellery from Tru Dimond, you can also feel proud that you are doing your bit for the environment, while also not helping to spread and fuel conflicts around the world.


What you can find at Tru Diamonds

Tru Diamonds sell high quality jewelry for both men and women, which features synthetic diamonds and other stones. These stones are indistinguishable from the real thing by all but the experts, while costing only a fraction of the price. These stones are only of the finest quality and are of standards in both caret and perfection, something that is only found in the most expensive and rarest diamonds. The company insist that only a tiny percentage of all mined diamonds can possibly reach the high standards of their synthetic diamonds, meaning that you can have better for less.

Tru Diamonds sell a range of highly sophisticated and fashionable fashion items. Like rivals and BrilliantInc, Tru Diamonds offer a wide range of rings, ear rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets as well as other accessories for the ladies. For the gentlemen they also offer a classy catalogue of items, that includes rings, necklaces and cufflinks.


Current Tru Diamonds Discount Code, Offers and Deals

Tru Diamonds offer a 90 day, complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee, where you can try out your desired jewellery and if you are not 100% satisfied can return the item to get your money back.

Tru Diamonds, currently run a sale on selected items through its website, which can be found under the ‘Sale’ tab on the home screen. Though the number of items on sale is at this current limited, there are some superb saving on certain items such as The True Delight Ring, which has been reduced from £149.99 to £99, or a pair of Sapphire Earrings, which have been reduced from £139.99 to £99.99

So if you are in the market for some high class, low cost, ethical jewellery then head to Tru Diamond right now.


How to use your Tru Diamonds Discount Code

If you have received a voucher, it is now easy to redeem it on the Tru Diamonds online store when you make your purchase. Provided the voucher is still inside its valid date period, then search through their online store adding the items you want by clicking the ‘add to basket’ button. When you have all your items, proceed to the shopping cart by clicking the my basket icon in the top right corner. Here you can see your items you wish to purchase listed with the total quantity and cost. Simply enter your voucher code in the coupon box and your discount will be applied to your order total. Once this is the case you can pay for pay for your items and sit back and await delivery.

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Tru Diamonds is a web based company that specialises in selling synthetic diamonds. The company prides itself on offering an environmentally friendly and ethical alternative to real diamonds, whose source is often dubious. You can find a list of Tru Diamonds discount code here, use one of them and save on your order. You can also check HS Johnson discount code to find more jewelry options.

Tru Diamonds
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