5 Top Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Feb 19, 2018 Aran Davies 0

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It is one of those special occasions again that we should show some love to our special someone in our lives. Though we must show it every day but for this day it must be something extra special for them. Yes, anything that you will do for them this day will be special already as long as it is from the bottom of your heart.

Valentine’s day may also be a stressful season to think for some guys out there. Yes, because they have to think of special gifts or unique things to do to make their girlfriend/fiancée/wife happy. Ladies, I guess it is your turn to surprise your gentlemen. To let them know how you always appreciate their efforts in just making you happy and fulfilled in your relationships. It is time to express your love and gratitude to them in an extra special way in this love-sharing season. To do that, here are 5 top surprising Valentine’s gifts for him.


  1. Treat him to his favourite restaurant

This is the simplest but special way for you to surprise him this Valentine’s day. Normally, it is your favourite food and restaurant, right? Also, it is usually him who pays the bill, right? Men are full of their egos that they might insist on making you happy then you doing it for himself. Well, just tell him it is your Valentine’s treat and let him know that you are also excited to eat his favourite food. This time, you will surely feel how happy he is and how he will appreciate you of being thoughtful and sweet. If ever, he just wants to eat anything, well, just visit any of these businesses: Papa John’s, Twinings, Campbells, Food Market, Muscle Food, Iceland, Mindful Chef, or Diet Chef.


  1. Romantic weekend getaway

You thought you’re the only one who loves a weekend trip with your guy? Well, majority of men also loves it. He enjoys the surreal places with just the two of you. He loves the thought of being alone with you in a romantic place too. Both of you will absolutely enjoy this Valentine’s day by spending your weekend in a one or two-night stay in a five-star hotel few miles away from your place. During this getaway, both of you can pamper yourselves with a spa massage or get refreshed with the beautiful sceneries. This would also be a perfect time to talk over things in your relationship. Also, this can be the time to create new dreams and new plans for both of you. You should both cherish these memories together. Don’t forget to capture these moments that you can treasure forever. This might not be always but it is one of the best ways to show how extra special he is for you and because of that, he will be thankful for the rest of his life. If you need help in booking for hotel accommodations near you, visit Agoda.com, Expedia.co.uk, 9flats.com, Barcelo, Big Bus London, Virgin Experience Days, and more.


  1. Give him a pet

Well, this only applies if your guy is an animal lover. He would never guess it, that you will give him a pet during this season unless you’re acting obvious. Most gentlemen love having a pet. Instead of him planning to surprise you, this time, he’s the one who will be getting picked on. You should discover which pet he wants to have. Make sure he does not have any allergic reactions to it. Do a research. Ask his friends or family for you to find out. Then, think of a unique way to give it to him. You can either bring the pet once you meet him on the way home or you can leave it at home while you are away and once he is home, you can phone him and tell him about it. It means the world to him specially if he is really into it. Part of having pet is taking care of them. For that, you can both visit Bob Martin Vetcare, Puppy Essentials, Doggie solutions, Petplan, or Pet & Country online for more pet care essentials.


  1. Date night with wine

Well I guess this is very common during Valentine’s day, right? Even so, we cannot deny the fact that this is still on the lists on how to spend Valentine’s season in a romantic way. Usually it is men who have plans during this day. They are mostly who’s busy preparing for special things that makes you happy. Am I right? Well, it is payback time. It is your turn to ask him a date on this Hearts day. Let us say, you’re both busy and you haven’t had the luxury of time to meet always. If so, this would be a perfect Valentine’s date for both of you. Ask him for a date night. Spend quality time together. It could be his place or your place. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can decorate your kitchen table, light up some candles and prepare his favourite meal. You can also tune up the volume of your background music to make it more romantic. Or, you can watch movies on the couch while cuddling and sipping wine together. Of course, you must wear something that is his favourite on you. It is simple but it could be one of the best Valentine’s date for him ever. For suggestions, if you want to shop online for your clothing you can visit Ann Summers, Guess, Chi Chi London, Forever 21, or Clarks and more. To order wines online, you can also visit Jamie’s Italian, Organic Wine Club or 31 Dover.com and more.


  1. Give him his favourite gadgets

In this modern time, most people love gadgets, especially men. For them, it is like one of their favourite toys before. They can spend more alone time with it rather than with some girls. It can be one of their hobbies or their stress reliever too. Men usually talks so much about it with friends. They shared to each other how they love their gadgets and even update each other with the latest trends. So, if you want to make him happier this Valentine’s day, go ahead and start shopping. If you don’t want to experience the hustle bustle in shops, try it online. Visit Eglobal Central, HP, PC World, Dell, Humax, Iolo, Samsung, Norton, Memorybits, 4 Gadgets, Annke, Creative, and many more. Enjoy!

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